Sunshine Academy
Brookline, MA

Sunshine Academy is a 3500 sf daycare center located in a new residential condominium building on Harvard Street in Brookline. The facility serves infants, toddlers and preschoolers and has a population of 72 children. As with most daycares, space is the issue. Sunshine was designed with no corridors and contiguous classrooms to maximize efficiencies. Nearly every square foot has a purpose: all classrooms have overhead shelving, sinks and free-standing storage units. The plan has many ins and outs, owing to the adjacency of the condominium stairs and lobby. All of these elements have been aptly integrated into the space, by using them for special activity areas such as quiet reading and parent information centers. Color is a dominant feature in the scheme. The infant room is a restful sage green; all other spaces are playfully animated by varying combinations of pumpkin, yellow, ochre, sea green and mauve. A finishing touch is the built-in aquarium at the wall between Infants and Toddlers, only 18 above the floor so children can easily view the fish.

Planning Board Submission
Full Service A/E Design