First Floor

Second Floor

Sephardic Community Center
Brighton, MA

The Sephardic Community of Greater Boston is a unique project which features the demolition of an existing structure and the construction of a new three-story synagogue on this site to house a local Orthodox Jewish congregation.

The exterior of the building features a dome above the Sanctuary’s Ark. The facade treatment, crafted to harmonize with adjacent buildings, uses brick cladding and banding to relate to a nearby row of townhouses. The Corey Road corner is curved to reduce the mass at the most exposed portion of the structure, and the third floor is stepped back to lessen the perceived height at the sidewalk.

The building will have a 200-person function hall and a Mikvah in the basement. The Sanctuary main floor, Midrash and the Rabbi’s offices are on the first floor. The second floor will have the Sanctuary balcony and another Midrash. The third floor will feature a study and prayer spaces for the Kollel of Boston, a group of Rabbis who teach advanced religious studies.